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For fast, reliable Internet service and security features, turn to TriCounty. We have the speeds you need to work, keep in touch, shop, stream and stay entertained around the clock, all with dependable service, low costs, the latest software and full support. Compare the details of our features with anyone else’s, and you’ll find out why we are the best Internet Service Provider in the area.

Rates & Packages

All High-Speed Fiber Internet Accounts Include:

  • FREE Zimbra Email interface with Calendar, Docs and Sites
  • 15 GB Storage for Email Accounts
  • Spam Filtering
  • 5 MB Personal Storage Space with each email account - Use this space to upload pictures or files to share with family and friends or create your own web site.
  • 50 MB of Keepit (off-site backup)

High-Speed Fiber Access is bundled with local telephone service or you can Have-It-All by adding IPTV to your package.

For Bundle Pricing please visit:

What is Fiber to the Premise (FTTP)?

It is the fastest and most reliable data connection technology on the planet. Using fiber optic cables thinner than a human hair, TriCounty FTTP will be capable of transmitting an almost unlimited amount of data quicker than ever thought possible. We are providing this fiber-optic upgrade to benefit our customers and community—delivering Voice, Internet and Television services with one state-of-the-art fiber line.

Why is TriCounty Broadband Making this Investment?

Having a 21st century telecommunications infrastructure is vital to the TriCounty community as information consumption continues to grow. By bringing fiber and its data capacity to your home and local businesses we are investing in the future of Eastern North Carolina.

How Fast & Powerful is a Fiber Connection?

Imagine speeds up to 1 GB per second, with the ability to go even faster as technology continues to grow! Compare an old copper pair, carrying six phone calls, to a single fiber pair, carrying more than 2.5 million phone calls simultaneously. That's faster than Cable TV—faster than DSL—faster than satellite!

What About Television?

As part of the fiber roll-out, TriCounty Broadband introduces a new TV product that offers many more options than your current video package. The capacity of FTTP allows for more HD, Whole Home DVR, widgets, OTT media services, and more, bringing the world to your fingertips!

Are There Additional Costs or Any Equipment to Buy?

FTTP is an investment in the futures of TriCounty Broadband , unlimited technology, world-class communications and our customers. Your home may need to be rewired at an additional cost to accommodate this new technology. Call our office about price-saving bundles and free installation.

Where and When Will FTTP be Available?

FTTP was completed in 2014 in stages. It passes by every residence and business, making voice, video and data available to all.

How Does FTTP Affect reliability of Service?

At TriCounty Broadband , we always strive to provide reliable service. Fiber optic cables are more reliable than either copper or coax. However, fiber optic cable can still be cut. Make sure you dial 811 before you dig!

Benefits of FTTP:

  • FTTP will future-proof your home's communications
  • One single strand of fiber optic cable to your home will handle Telephone, Internet and Television
  • One provider, one bill
  • FTTP is reliable, secure, and upgradeable to carry an almost unlimited amount of data
  • FTTP is an investment in the future of Eastern North Carolina

Did You Know?

  • 33 tons of copper carries the same data that 1/4 pound of fiber optic cable carries. That's the weight of almost two school buses compared to a handful of candy!
  • Fiber optic cable is formed from ultra-pure glass, heated to almost 5,000 degrees, then pulled to form ultra-thin strands.
  • The highest speeds reached over fiber optic cable top out at an amazing 14 Terabits per second! That's almost 10 million times faster than a T1 (1.544 Megabits per second) connection!

All Internet DSL Accounts Include:

  • FREE Zimbra Email interface with Calendar, Docs and Sites
  • 15 GB Storage for Email Accounts
  • Spam Filtering
  • 5 MB Personal Storage Space with each email account - Use this space to upload pictures or files to share with family and friends or create your own web site.
  • 50 MB of Keepit (off-site backup)
per month...
3.0Mbps DSL with Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite (unlimited access) $92.90
3.0Mbps DSL (unlimited access) $89.95
1.5Mbps DSL with Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite (unlimited access) $72.90
1.5Mbps DSL (unlimited access) $69.95
768Kbps DSL with Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite (unlimited access) $62.90
768Kbps DSL (unlimited access) $59.95
512Kbps DSL with Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite (unlimited access) $52.90
512Kbps DSL (unlimited access) $49.95
256Kbps DSL Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite (unlimited access) $32.90
256Kbps DSL (unlimited access) $29.95
Initial One-Time Activation Fee:               $49.95

Items Available For Purchase:

DSL (4 Port) Wireless Router Kit $99.95
DSL In-Line Filter (needed for phones using same line as DSL service)


DTNET 5 Port, 10 Base-T Smart Ethernet Switch  $23.95
Tripp-Lite Power & Tel Surge Protector


PCI Ethernet 10/100 Network Card $29.95

Helpful Information:

  • You will need a Network Interface Card (NIC) installed in your PC or a USB port in order to use the DSL Modem/Router TriCounty Broadband has available for purchase. Laptop users with wireless Internet capabilities can connect to the modem wirelessly throughout the house.
  • Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) technology is used to power TriCounty Broadband DSL service. If you are supplying your own DSL modem, you need to make sure your operating system or equipment supports this feature in order to utilize DSL with TriCounty Broadband . The DSL Modem/Router supplied by TriCounty Broadband supports PPPoE and does not require any specialized software.

All Internet Wireless Broadband Accounts Include:

  • FREE Zimbra Email interface with Calendar, Docs and Sites
  • 15 GB Storage for Email Accounts
  • Spam Filtering
  • 5 MB Personal Storage Space with each email account - Use this space to upload pictures or files to share with family and friends or create your own web site.
  • 50 MB of Keepit (off-site backup)

per month...

Up to 1.5Mbps (unlimited access) $39.95
Initial One-Time Activation Fee: $49.95
Items Available For Purchase:
Wireless Router
(Normal installation included in price. This does not include troubleshooting problems with end users computer equipment.)

Helpful Information:

  • You will need a Network Interface Card (NIC) installed in your PC to use the Wireless equipment installed at your premise.
  • If you would like to work wirelessly around your house, you will need to purchase a wireless router and configure it at your premise. You will also need to have a wireless card installed on your laptop.

TriCounty Telecom Broadband Territory

TriCounty is proud to service Beaufort, Hyde and Washington counties with high-speed, broadband connectivity, and our service territory in continuing to grow. To see if TriCounty service is available at your location, click the link below to view/download a map of TriCounty's broadband territory (noted in yellow).

$4.95/month - The Plan includes wiring that runs from the TriCounty Broadband fiber box on the outside of your home through your walls to the network jacks or other connection devices inside your house or business. Also included are the network outlets inside your home or business, the 8-hour battery for the fiber box, modem/wireless router and video switch. All other wiring not falling within the above description is not covered. (REQUIRED: Unless you choose to purchase the modem and wireless router.)

$5.00/month (Requires Network/Wireless Maintenance) - The Plan provides a managed wi-fi solution for High Speed Internet customers. TriCounty Broadband will provide, program, install and maintain devices to boost additional wireless signal throughout the residence or business. This is above and beyond the standard wireless router and include one access point. Should the equipment need replacing, the plan covers replacement costs. (Requires Network/Wireless Maintenance Plan.)


Support for (5) PC's
You Receive (5) licenses for
$2.95 per month

Zone Alarm

ZoneAlarm® Internet Security Suite

Complete and unmatched security. Banish viruses and spyware from your PC for good. ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite not only eradicates threats but also prevents them from ever entering in the first place. It also stops identity thieves, phishers, and spammers cold, so it's no wonder we've been rated the best in the business.

  • Industry leading antivirus and anti-spyware
  • Firewall technologies that set records for keeping evil away
  • Unique services and tools that put you in complete control

Note: It is recommended that you uninstall all other antivirus and antispyware applications, including Windows Defender, prior to installation of ZoneAlarm Security Suite. Running multiple antivirus and antispyware applications can cause your computer to lock up or run extremely slow.

Benefits & Features

Includes antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-spam and anti-phishing, identity theft protection and much more. All enhanced with the world's top rated network/program firewall and operating system firewall.


New engine delivers the best virus protection with significantly enhanced detection and removal capabilities. Hourly signature updates, expanded coverage, and faster detection to find and remove even the most recent and aggressive viruses.


More robust detection and removal functions perform deeper scans at every level and purge spyware from your PC. Ability to remove even the most persistent, hard-to-find spyware that infiltrates your PC at the core level.

Anti-Spam & Anti-Phishing

Stops spam with automatic spam blocking that automatically adapts to the latest spamming techniques. Protects against phishing emails that attempt to steal your money or identity.

Identity Theft Protection

While ZoneAlarm continues to secure your identity information on your PC, these new Identity Theft Protection services also prevent identity theft over the Internet and even in the physical world. Learn More

  • Stops pre-approved credit card offers, which contain sensitive financial data often used by criminals for identity theft (offered via a credit industry service - US only)
  • Detects theft by monitoring both cyberspace and stolen credit card lists from vendors, consumers, and the underground. Alerts you if your credit cards are stolen
  • Provides a low-cost, public records report to alert you of fraud, such as phony DMV records (US only)
  • Assists identity theft victims with personal telephone counseling to guide them through resolution and recovery (US only)
  • Offers identity theft education and tools to help you prevent, detect and recover from identity theft

Network and Program Firewall

Delivers proactive firewall protection with multiple layers of security that stop inbound, outbound, and program attacks while remaining completely invisible to hackers.

  • Guards the network perimeter from inbound and outbound threats with the world's #1 firewall
  • Prevents spyware and other malicious programs from sending your personal information across the Internet
  • Full stealth mode to keep you concealed from anyone on the Internet
  • Protects your programs from malware

Operating System Firewall (OSFirewall™)

This additional layer of security prevents hard-to-remove spyware, including rootkits and kernel-level threats, from getting onto your PC and causing damage.

  • Identify and filter over 100,000 applications for constant protection against threats
  • Monitor program installation, registry changes and file access down to your PC's core
  • Monitor additional program actions for more thorough protection
  • Prevents malicious software from damaging files in your core Windows operating system


Allows hassle-free computer operation from the moment of installation by hiding unnecessary security alerts, thereby drastically reducing interruptions during the first two weeks as the product learns the programs you typically use. Automatically configures security settings, and rates threats according to level of potential damage they represent.

Game Mode

One-click control temporarily suppresses most security alerts and prevents them from interrupting your fun while maintaining maximum protection for your PC.

Wireless PC Protection

Automatically detects wireless networks and secures your PC from hackers and other Internet threats wherever you're connected - at home or on the road.

SmartDefense™ Service

Provides your PC with real-time security updates, improved response to breaking spyware threats, and new attack protection capabilities.

  • SmartDefense Advisor automatically adjusts your security settings for maximum protection against the latest virus and spyware outbreaks
  • Includes DefenseNet, an early warning system that gathers data from the ZoneAlarm user community on the latest spyware and malware outbreaks
  • Leverages this vast user knowledge by including it in signature updates that protect your PC from the latest spyware attacks

Facebook Privacy Scan

Scans your recent Facebook activity and alerts you to privacy concerns. Control what others can see.

Installation FAQ

ZoneAlarm Software System Requirements

Listed below are the complete system requirements, email protocols, and IM clients supported by ZoneAlarm software products.

System Requirements for all other ZoneAlarm Products*:

Windows 7 & 8

Microsoft® Vista SP1:
2 GHz 32-bit or 64-bit operating system
Minimum system RAM: 2 GB (32-bit) and 4 GB (64-bit)
250MB of available hard disk space. Internet access
* Free ZoneAlarm Firewall is not available for Vista 64-bit

Microsoft® Windows® XP SP2, SP3, Home or Professional Edition:
1 GHz 32-bit operating system
Recommended system RAM: 768 MB
250MB of available hard disk space
ZoneAlarm security software works with most types of TCP/IP connections including Ethernet LAN, wireless LAN, DSL, cable modem, and dial-up connections.

Supported Protocols for Email Protection
Support for Parental Controls
Operating Systems Support

FAQ for ZoneAlarm End-of-Life Policy

Why does ZoneAlarm have a policy to end support for operating systems?

This policy is in place for several reasons: Older operating systems, even when still supported by the creating company, often have technical limitations that make it impossible to properly protect our customers using new and advanced ZoneAlarm technology.

When the creating company stops fixing the new "holes" discovered by hackers in its operating system, customers are much more vulnerable to attack. ZoneAlarm strongly encourages its customers to adhere to a "best practices" approach to security, where each best practice that's upheld makes the customer much less likely to fall victim to attack; and every best practice ignored makes the customer much more vulnerable. Keeping software, including the operating system, up-to-date with the latest security patches is an essential best practice. What if I have a current update/support subscription for a ZoneAlarm product when you end support for my operating system?

If you purchased a product or product service extension during the period when your operating system was listed under the ZoneAlarm end-of-life section; and that policy was posted online; and support for your operating system was not listed in the system requirements section; a refund will not be provided for your purchase, however we highly encourage you to upgrade your operating system to a safe, supported system and continue to use your current ZoneAlarm product.

Parents and Guardians

Although the Internet is a helpful tool for students, child predators use it to locate their victims.

A survey conducted by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children revealed that one in five youths between the ages of 10 and 17 has received unwanted sexual solicitations online. The survey also indicated that one in four children has been exposed to online pornography.

Parents may believe that their child would tell them about such experiences, but the survey found that only about 25 percent of sexual solicitations and less than 40 percent of unwanted exposures were ever reported to parents.

To learn how to keep your children safer, request a copy of the video "Internet Safety: What You Don't Know Can Hurt Your Child" and the accompanying resource guide, or watch it on this website and download the guide. I strongly encourage you to use the resource guide, which contains additional information.

Parents, trust your instincts. If you are concerned that your child might be at risk, contact the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children at 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678) for resources and information.

- Roy Cooper

  • David Finkelhor, Kimberly J. Mitchell, and Janis Wolak. Online Victimization: A Report on the Nation's Youth. Alexandria, Virginia: National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, 2000
  • North Carolina Department of Justice / Roy Cooper, Attorney General (919) 716-6400

Create Your Own Home Page/Storage Space

Posting files to the TriCounty Web Server

NOTE: This page describes the features of the TriCounty web server--for personal web pages. This location does not support Microsoft FrontPage software, forms or counters. To find out about our full web hosting plans click here.

TriCounty offers you 5MB of storage space with each of your Internet access account emails. This space can be used to upload a personal web page or store documents, images or any files you wish for others to see. Once you have designed your webpage and uploaded it or uploaded your files, you can simply email family or friends your webpage address. (Example: for userid "johndoe" you would use

To Activate Personal Storage Space for an Additional Email Account, Please Do the Following:

  1. Login to the App Portal at with the username and password you want to activate.
  2. On the menu option to the left, select "Add/Remove Basic Services"
  3. Locate "Web Space" and "Turn On" this feature
  4. Log out of App Portal, and you will be ready to use the storage space after 30 minutes.

*This will need to be done for each additional email account created for the individual email account's personal storage space to become activated.

What is “Personal Web Space”?

Personal web space is a spot allocated for you, the customer, to store a website, documents, images, or even photos. This space is accessible by you, the site owner, by using your Internet browser, Web Page Editor, or FTP (File Transfer Protocol). It is also accessible by the rest of the world by typing your URL (Uniform Resource Locator, also known as your web address) into their Internet browsers. Your web space administration is password protected so your files will stay safe and secure and will only be available for others by surfing to your URL.

How Do I Put Files into My Web Space?

In order for files to become available from your personal web space, you must first put them there. The method of doing this is called “File Transfer Protocol” (FTP). FTP is the method of delivery, but you must have a way to use this method; enter FTP clients. An FTP client is a piece of software that allows you to put files on the server (upload) and get files from the server (download). There are several types of clients that can be used.

What Clients Can I Use to Put Files in My Web Space?

As mentioned before, there are several types of FTP clients. Programs such as “WsFTP” and “SmartFTP” are 100% FTP clients. This means their only functions are to put files on a server and get files from a server. These are great for people who are only storing files in their web space or are using a text editor (like notepad or WordPad) to create web pages and then uploading them when they are done. Programs like “Dream Weaver” and “FrontPage” are webpage editors (also known as HTML editors) that, in addition to creating and editing web pages, also have a built-in FTP client. This is handy for creating many web pages and then uploading them quickly. And lastly, there is the web based software that you access from our FTP site. Our FTP tool allows you to upload files from your Internet browser without the need for these third-party programs. Simply go to our FTP site, log in with your username and password, choose the directory where you would like to put your files and then upload.

What Steps Do I Take to Use the Web-Based FTP Tool?

  1. Surf to
  2. Enter your username and password exactly as it was provided to you by your TriCounty Customer Service Representative.
  3. Click the link of the folder where you want to upload your files
    • The FTP folder is accessible by anonymous FTP, which means a user can surf to (replace USERID with your userid)
    • The “public_html” folder is where you would place all of your webpage related files and images. This folder is accessible to the rest of the world by surfing to (replace USERID with your userid, be sure to put a “~” (tilde) in front of your userid. Example:
  4. Once you are inside your desired folder, you are presented with three options:
    • Upload A File: Allows you to put a file from your computer to your web space
    • Create A Directory: Organize your web space by creating additional folders
    • Advanced Mode: View important information about your files and change permissions

What Are the Addresses That I Give to Friends/Family?

All addresses are composed of two things, "" and your userid. Listed below is the format you would use to access these “sites”. Replace USERID with the userid provided by your TriCounty Customer Service Representative:

  1. I want to access my files directly from an Internet Browser using FTP:
  2. I want my friends/family to see my webpage:
  3. I want to access a folder called “images” in my public html directory, how do I access it:

To learn more about
KeepIT and to sign-up,
call us today at 252.964.8000

You’ll take a thousand digital photographs of her as she grows up. On her first day of kindergarten. When she brings down the house at her high-school musical. At her college graduation. On the day of her wedding.

And then with one computer virus or hard drive crash your photos could be gone.

Don’t let this happen to you. With KeepIT service from TriCounty Broadband , digital photos and other electronic files such as email, iTunes/MP3 music files, documents and spreadsheets will be protected from viruses, hard drive crashes, accidental deletion and fires or floods. Keepit provides remote network storage and automatic backup for all of your important files.

Why wait to back up until it's too late?

Pricing Information

Storage Capacity Price Per Month
50MB Free*
512MB $3.95
1GB $4.95
5GB $14.95
10GB $24.95

*50MB are included FREE with each Internet parent account.

Why You Need KeepIT...

Backup important business files such as:

  • QuickBooks data files
  • Word documents
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • Peachtree accounting files
  • Payroll and Time clock information
  • Emails, Address Books, Calendar, Contact Lists and more from your Email Client (Outlook, Outlook Express, etc.)
  • and any other files that are crucial to your business and day to day operations

Backup personal files such as:

  • Photos
  • Music
  • School documents and papers
  • Genealogy projects, documents and photos
  • Emails, Address Books, Calendar, Contact Lists and more from your Email Client (Outlook, Outlook Express, etc.)

Schedule Routine Backups:

  • Are you worried about forgetting to backup your important files on a regular basis? If so, KeepIT can help. A regular backup of specific files and folders can be scheduled to run on a monthly, weekly or daily basis.

Mobile Access to Backed Up Data:

  • Have you ever wanted to be able to access files stored on your work computer while you are at home or on a business trip? With KeepIT, all you need to do is make sure you save the files on your Keepit, instead of a floppy disk or memory stick, and your work will always be accessible to you from a computer with an Internet connection. Call today to learn more... 252.964.8000.

Current TriCounty Broadband Internet Customers:

You can download Keepit today by logging into your App Portal utility and clicking on the link at the bottom of your main menu. Once you have downloaded the software, you will need to call the TriCounty Broadband business office at 252.964.8000 to activate the service.


Additional Information


ESPN3 is a broadband network for live sports programming. ESPN3 harnesses the quality ESPN has built through its TV networks and delivers online sports programming to fans through a rich, interactive, and easy-to-use experience.

ESPN3 broadcasts thousands of live games and events online each year. A majority of the events are exclusive to ESPN3, while others are broadband-enhanced versions of games from one of ESPN's TV networks.

Some examples are College Football and Basketball, NBA, MLB, UEFA Champions League Soccer, The Masters and US Open Golf, all four Grand Slam tennis tournaments, and more. Plus you get a fully interactive experience with real time in-game stats and scoreboards and live chat.

Your email address gives you free access to ESPN3. You can access ESPN3 away from home with a free account--just sign up with your goTriCounty email and remember your ESPN3 Username and Password to use it anywhere you have a broadband connection of 512K or more. If you do not have an account, please  Click Here to register for a new account.

Use the ESPN3 button above or  Click Here to log on with your account and enjoy this free service from TriCounty Broadband .

We have the Sppeds you need